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We Hate Fraud
Anti-Fraud Checks
Suspicious Order Delays
How to Avoid Delays
Fraud Prevention Put Into Perspective

We Hate Fraud

Credit card fraud is incredibly destructive to the fabric of social commerce. When a credit card is stolen or its information illegally obtained, thieves often attempt to buy products online pretending to be you, the cardholder. This is bad for you; but it's even worse for us.

That's why we follow a stringent set of anti-fraud procedures specifically designed to prevent anybody from successfully placing an order with us using a bogus or stolen credit card.

Anti-Fraud Checks

For your protection, every order must pass a strict series of automated and manual anti-fraud checks. eWay, who provide our secure online credit card processing facility, automatically carry out several of these checks in real time. Once we receive your order, we carry out our own checks and only once we are satisfied that the order, delivery and billing addresses are legitimate will your order be processed.

We want to protect both you, the customer, and us, the business, from fraudulent transactions. To date we have a 100% fraud detection rate and zero customer chargebacks (a chargeback happens when the victim of the fraud disputes a fraudulent transaction placed by an unauthorised person and the merchant i.e. Embryo Films, would be forced to offer a full refund).

Additionally, please note that your IP address is logged and submitted with every order, to help us ensure the authenticity of your order, and allow us to track its source, in the event of any fraudulent activity.

Suspcious Order Delays

We have a policy of holding any orders that appear suspicious in any way. Orders may be held prior to shipping for the following reasons:

  • Bogus credit card details
  • Repeated failed transactions prior to a successful transaction
  • Credit card's billing address does not match the order's billing address
  • The order's billing address does not match its shipping address
  • The credit card holder is not the recipient
  • The email address is a free email account (i.e., Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)
  • Order is placed from a suspcious IP address (e.g., proxies, unrouteable, anonymous)

If an order is suspcious in any way, we will follow up with the customer, usually by telephone. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will hold the order until we hear from you. We regret that these steps are necessary, but we hope to serve you for many years into the future, and would rather not let fraudulent activities send us to an early demise.

How to Avoid Delays

We would much rather ship your order immediately. But since this transaction is done entirely over the internet, we need a way to verify each others' identity. We prove our identity with our Security Seal from Comodo, an internationally recognised independent third-party Trust Authority (who does not provide the seal without sighting acceptable proof of identification from us, including our formal Australian business paperwork).

To expedite your order, we simply request that you make it easy for us to verify your identity, as well. (And we take our Privacy Policy very seriously, so your information is safe with us.)

Here's how to avoid your order being deemed "suspicious":

  • Place the order with a valid, current credit card owned by you (and, yes, we can check that you are the rightful owner) -- avoid ordering with someone else's card.
  • The shipping address and billing address should be the same. If you're ordering a gift for someone, it's a good idea to state that in the comments box, and/or have the item shipped to you, instead.
  • The billing address on the order should be the credit card's billing address. The more consistent your order and its information are, the more likely your order is legitimate.
  • Your email address should be with your ISP or registered domain. Orders placed from free email addresses (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo, and about 1000 others) are automatically flagged as suspicious. This is because most fraudulent orders are placed through free email accounts. We always recommend ordering with your ISP's email address (e.g., Comcast, Bigpond, AOL, etc), or through your verifiable domain name.
  • Ensure that your credit card is not declined or rejected for any reason, including insufficient funds, overseas order blocking (which is the default for many American credit card companies), or expired dates.
  • Provide a valid, current telephone number. We will only call if there's a problem with your order, or if your order is flagged as suspicious.

Fraud Prevention Put Into Perspective

Note that these anti-fraud measures should be (and usually are) taken by any legitimate business, whether online or offline. There's nothing very new here. It's just our way of protecting you and us.

We examine all orders carefully, and determine the likelihood of problems on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to deny any order. But it's extremely rare.

Remember, the vast majority of people are honest. We assume you are, too. If yours is a normal order, don't worry too much about all this. We're just looking out for the both of us.

We believe you'd do the same.

Let's build our relationship on mutual trust and respect. We look forward to doing business with you.

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